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I caught them doing number 17...The Spread Eagle [entries|friends|calendar]
Lil Nancy Racoon

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Annoying, yes. [27 Aug 2005|09:58pm]

I know this is annoyin' but...I GOT ANOTHER LIVEJOURNAL! lol! It's a keeper, fo' sure this time..


Everyone add...





Thanks to Chris Martin lol

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Gimme some truth...and gimme that magazine while you're at it! [26 Aug 2005|09:46am]
[ mood | nervous ]

I'm feelin' so upbeat and happy today! ....but then again, I'm dead nervous. Gotta make a speech on fine arts today for somethin at school...grr, and its all because my nanas bribin' me! She got me this Mal Evans item I wanted...and well.....FRONT ROW SEATS TO PAUL!!!!! So! I'm going to do GREAT this yeeaaarrr!!


Here's my DVD set!!


Gimme that mag!!Collapse )

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[25 Aug 2005|06:58pm]
[ mood | upset ]

Dear oh my....so much negative energy all around me.

So envious, I am.

Leading to so much anger....

and so much pain...

let me end this misery........




Shoot me......


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"Will he replace Mal on my wall?" [16 Aug 2005|10:34am]
[ mood | happy ]

So go...lay down on the floor, leave me begging for more....Collapse )

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" Could you tell me what's next on the agenda?" [15 Aug 2005|01:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well, I've actually got somethings to update about....for once XD Let's start with Friday....and let me 'agenda'-lize it all for you...^_^

Friday- My mum dropped me off at my Lita's house 'cos she, Emanuel, and Max were going to San Diego. It was pretty fun, I went out with my Aunt, we went to her friend's house 'cos she was watching the house....(her friend's obviously on vacation! hee.) Anyways....we went over to feed their cats and water the lawn, and then we went to her friend Margie's house...we did alot of driving which was great! I love just going out on the road and driving..it's soo....awesome, and I do believe that I got a sign from Mal that night! I was staring out the window, wondering....how Mal feels about my unutterable love for him, and.....(my aunt's flipping the radio) The song, "I feel fine" comes on, BUT we caught the ending.... "She's in love with me and I feel fine..." .....I was just, wow..... Later that night, we saw that Deuce Bigalow crap, DON'T SEE IT! It's  a TERRIBLE movie....Ah, and then when we came home, around 1 AM, my aunt got into an argument with her brother...well, my uncle, so  yeah...it was all pointless really...


Saturday- Aunt and I spent the whole day out again.....and I'll just say this....we had TREMENDOUS fun.... " KIMMIE!! BUBBIES!! MAAAAL!!!" " YELLOW! ORANGE! BLACK!!" ha! ....too great.


Sunday/Today- JAMIE'S SLEEP OVER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! It was fun! FUN FUN FUN!! Weird stuff, but it's all good. Chicago, bleh, but ha! POP! I love saying that......AND....." Number 17....The Spread Eagle." Hahahaha!!


Well, that's all for now. Ta!


Love- Mal

Love- John

Love- Graham

Love- Peter

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[11 Aug 2005|07:54pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

'Allo everyone! Today was all right I suppose,  I went to the doctors today to see about that nasty cough I've been having for about 3-weeks.... Turns out I dont have any infection, but  of course they gave me meds...so I have to use an inhaler for a week or so. After that mum and I went to get the carwashed so we talked, it was fun I guess....I talked to Dom, he's in California right now...Irvine...man oh man, why couldnt he have been closer? *sigh* Ah well....I'm talking to him right now, so I'm happy.

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Home at last. [10 Aug 2005|04:24pm]
Finally! I'm home....i'm not saying that my vacation was bad but I just love being home, that's all. If I went to England or Australia, it would be different you see, because I actually want to go there! I'm sick and tired of going to Palm Desert every year, it's boring...and even worse, it's still in California..So I was thinking about  writing a fanfiction, but you know me, whatever I plan on doing...I don't do. Quite sad, really. Oooh boy am I messing with Dom's head....oopsies! It isn't Dom! IT'S HIS ROOM MATE! HAHA
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[08 Aug 2005|01:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well, aren't I lucky? Mum brought over her laptop so again I've got internet accsess, yipee! I'm going back home tomorrow, so that means I'll have to be getting back to my school work that's due once school starts back up in September, big BUMMER! Math packet and books to read...I guess it isn't all that bad, it's just I have tendancy to get caught up with directing short films...maybe if I pretend reading is like a screen play and the math packet is figuring out a budget for a film? I don't know...its all so....ugh. Well, on the lighter side of news, I found out that in my icon, Peter isn't kissing his wife! That's Liv Tyler! Yet still, it truly is an inspiring kiss, 'cause Peter Jackson and Liv Tyler are my two favourite people in the world...well of course Fran Walsh is another favourite of mine. I think she's very lucky, I mean she's with Peter Jackson for goodness sake!! Jamie's watching America's next top model while I sit here, typing away...I've created a few characters I could use in my screen plays, woo hoo! Fear and Ngila! ^__^ Anyroad, I've developed quite a thing for Australian men and of course the "kiwis"...New Zealanders, haha. England still tops 'em all, but you know me and my weak spot for accents. I end this entry here, love and kisses.


Mrs. Meg Evans...I ♥ Mal

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[06 Aug 2005|01:04pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


Mrs. Jackson...what have you done? You've made a fool of everyone!Collapse )

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[06 Aug 2005|10:49am]
This is my new livejournal everyone, welcome!! Tee hee hee, hopefully all my friends add me lol
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